Microsoft's C++ Standard Library is now opensource?!!!! what is going on, the world is shifting in an unexpected way...
#apache #license #microsoft #github #opensource

@frankiezafe have they released a single end-user product as open/libre or still just dev tools?

@grainloom @frankiezafe still this tbh; these are just open roads to closed platforms. ms doesn't really <3 open source.

MIT/Apache2 libraries for big langs are still cool but they mean nothing without users.

@seasharp @grainloom @frankiezafe
When a corporation releases source code for development tools, they aren't contributing to free software. They're outsourcing training costs

@yaaps @seasharp @grainloom @frankiezafe Yeah, I literally couldn't care less about the code Microsoft's open sourcing. I already had plenty of alternative developer tools I'm more than happy with, their not making a difference.

@alcinnz @yaaps @seasharp @grainloom fully agree, just: having access to the code of something so deep as c++ lib is a great way to enter in the MS mind & ideology, and even if i don't see any use of this in my day 2 day life, i consider it as a first (shy) step towards a better fluidity of development across OS

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