Anyone with a little graphic design mojo mind making a quick little design for me? I need a little stamp which says "Plaintext Certified" along the middle and "Recommend Email Client" around the inner circumference

Just over 10 years ago, I put some effort into making a play by mail Diplomacy game service safe from the junk that was on the wire. I gave up keeping it online in 2017 because outbound mail was getting to be too much a hassle, but if there's community around plain text email, it would be great to relaunch

Do you know anyone who's nostalgic over PBEM games?

@yaaps I would love to host you on if you're interested

I'll register as soon as I have a real email address again. Is it self service to start a list or do I send you info out of band?


Okay. I'll set up my mail server and start a pbem list 👍

@yaaps great :) you can also set up a web server and get notified of new emails by HTTP+JSON if you prefer

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