Awhile ago, someone boosted a whine about fediverse documentation and I've gotten fuckall done since. Well, it feels that way

So I wrote a blog post. It's long, rambling, and needs citations. It may contain factual errors. I didn't write for someone who may or may not be contributing somewhere. I wrote it for someone who needed a vent and a little encouragement. It may be useful for the other person all the same

If you read it, I hope it helps you as much as it has me:


> The feed of every fedi dev is filled with our struggles - except CJ, who's perfect

Are you referring to me? If so, you flatter me and I am humbled by your characterization of me.

@yaaps Finished reading the article. I like it! I can definitely hear your voice ring through the article.

> Go-Fed, at one point, reached half a million lines of code

Yes, I can verify this as true for go-fed/activity. Feel free to use this as a citation.

I don't have any further suggestions really, except to say I am not perfect by any means. I have, am, and will fuck up. Which means some character flaws are that I am good at hiding and not taking risks. :/

Yeah. We'll be careful with that pedestal 😎

Thanks for the feedback. I look forward to the day I put a footnote on that "perfect" comment

Also, for the public crowd, I understand now that the "perfect" note is tongue in cheek -- for whatever reason when I originally read the line my brain failed to comprehend the playful dig about not exposing my struggles, so I understand that my original response (that this is in reply to) can seem kind of pretentious in that light. I'll still leave it up, but I am just failing at nuance lately it seems.

> I am just failing at nuance

It's ok, you don't need to be perfect...😸

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