Awhile ago, someone boosted a whine about fediverse documentation and I've gotten fuckall done since. Well, it feels that way

So I wrote a blog post. It's long, rambling, and needs citations. It may contain factual errors. I didn't write for someone who may or may not be contributing somewhere. I wrote it for someone who needed a vent and a little encouragement. It may be useful for the other person all the same

If you read it, I hope it helps you as much as it has me:


> The feed of every fedi dev is filled with our struggles - except CJ, who's perfect

Are you referring to me? If so, you flatter me and I am humbled by your characterization of me.

@yaaps Finished reading the article. I like it! I can definitely hear your voice ring through the article.

> Go-Fed, at one point, reached half a million lines of code

Yes, I can verify this as true for go-fed/activity. Feel free to use this as a citation.

I don't have any further suggestions really, except to say I am not perfect by any means. I have, am, and will fuck up. Which means some character flaws are that I am good at hiding and not taking risks. :/

Yeah. We'll be careful with that pedestal 😎

Thanks for the feedback. I look forward to the day I put a footnote on that "perfect" comment

Also, for the public crowd, I understand now that the "perfect" note is tongue in cheek -- for whatever reason when I originally read the line my brain failed to comprehend the playful dig about not exposing my struggles, so I understand that my original response (that this is in reply to) can seem kind of pretentious in that light. I'll still leave it up, but I am just failing at nuance lately it seems.

> I am just failing at nuance

It's ok, you don't need to be perfect...😸

@yaaps How weird to see all the paragraphs without punctuation at the end. A floating experience

Yeah. I'm thinking about how the content types on Sputnik are going to be presented and received in current applications when I've done federation. Mainline Masto probably isn't going to show Articles inline, so they'll probably federate as a thread to a lot of instances

@yaaps as I’ve written two or three wikis and a Mastodon client, I’m interested in the particular ideas you have for federated wikis space. I guess I’m stuck in the “There are better things to do with federation” phase and I’m not having any good ideas. That’s why I never went anywhere with it. Some sort of commenting system on wiki pages?

It's really easy to do federation badly on wiki. The Masto philosophy of "your raw feed is your only feed" makes sending a lot of notifications socially irresponsible, so I was thinking along the lines of discussions and CMS workflows until we have more nuance in the available channels

I'm more proficient as a designer than a coder. If you're hurting for ideas, my burning passion isn't building a federated wiki. It's something that requires one

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