No but seriously...

I find myself thinking what Usenet 3.0 (yes there was a 2.0) would look like. Usenet was the original federated social network. We have all long since moved to the web, though, with 37 different logins to 37 different horribly insecure PHP forums for each different topic we want to discuss. It's a mess. It is ripe for a reboot.

@twylo The thing I most want to recover from Usenet is the topic-oriented structure. It encouraged small communities and avoided context collapse. (Except when trolls would “invade” a group.)


@zwol @twylo
NNTP still works, technically. Problems are spam/off-topic posts, legal compliance, and archival. Content filters like SVM are much more effective for affinity groups. You just need a lawyer to signoff on operations qualifying for DMCA safe harbor provisions and the permission posters grant to providers necessary to store, forward, and display content needs to expire after a short time to prevent capture by archives

Or use ActivityPub Groups

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