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This is the official account for , an early stage fediverse project to resist late stage capitalism. It's pure ActivityPub, 100% Lua, and guaranteed vaporware if I spend as much time here as my main

The libcrm114 library is a C framework for applying several of the classification engines developed and tested with the CRM114 language that's available in most Linux distros as a Spamassassin plugin. The library also provides a string model that is UTF-8 safe for all locales, including those with wide characters

LPEG is Lua Parsing Expression Grammar. A PEG is more reliable than regular expressions for many content matching tasks and LPEG is a nice implementation that's also a requirement for many Lua JSON implementations

Lua because, well, it doesn't really matter

TRE is a Posix compliant regex engine used in libcrm114 that also offers fuzzy matching, so "cookie{2}" would match a lot of cookie words - like cookies, cookiez, or kookies

I pushed the date out on Sputnik Neptune so that I can write a proof of concept for Trebuchet-Tagger

Trebuchet-Tagger is an asyncronous milter that uses LPEG, TRE regexps, and libcrm114 to recommend tags and CW munging to a host. The proof may only demonstrate operation of the libcrm114 filters

The goal is to provide a basis to build a portable federated framework to exchange tagging information, resolving issues like spam and the culture war over content warnings

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many people are wildly, harmfully optimistic about how easy a huge % of jobs in our society will be to automate. there are so many tasks humans do that consists partly of automation-friendly tedium and partly of judgment calls and cognitive leaps that humans do with ease but computers are untenably bad at on a philosophical level.

humans will be the critical force in labor for a long time to come, and we need to fight for a world that accepts that and offers justice rather than exploitation. technology isn't going to create a better world for us any more than robots are going to cook us delicious meals start-to-finish.

With all this work on Sputnik, where does that leave ?

I'm still much more interested in channels adjacent to userland. I believe that the current environment doesn't provide sufficient distractions from politics, sex, and the meta to sustain healthy interpersonal relationships

The current level of paranoia about bot traffic is understandable, but it's also disrespectful of the volunteer labor that the fediverse depends on. We need to build out the services architecture of ActivityPub to support playing and working together in ways that respect the culture of consent here and are resistant to capture by capital

But this is what it looks like when I have to plan on providing local login accounts for people

@askosh @xinayder Yes, we listened to the users who aren't nazi-sympatizers.

I hope you can understand that we're expressing our freedom of speech and freedom of association here.

Sputnik *isn't* providing much, actually any, help for editing. Which is OK for the moment, but longer term that's an accessibility issue

So I just need to make posix crypt the default password hash and disable/document any storage plugins that are broken and I'll have a release. Then I can work on other stuff...

@interneteh the number of words coined in order to satire something and then were adopted in earnest by oppressors is astonishing.

I think I failed to articulate any core philosophy for before this point, so here we are:

All parts must be user serviceable

The C docs for the crypt function say, "implementation specific" for the algorithm, which is as useful as a bent nail, but Wikipedia described the mechanism by which implementations can scope backwards compatibility

I'll deprecate md5, make posix crypt the default for this release, and work on a pluggable architecture later

Many thanks to the fediverse for supplying a link to an organized treatment of brutalist web design:

The Neptune release of Sputnik is well on its way. I need a progressive Markdown editor that doesn't rely on jQuery and I to check what algorithm(s) posix crypt supplies for password hashing. Since the last release was 2012, there wasn't much else to be done to make it both brutalist and contemporary

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So, I've officially forked Sputnik and announced plans to build a release:

Wish me luck, please!

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