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YAAPS and Sputnik Opphuichi are complementary approaches to getting a working ActivityPub server in Lua. Sometimes features require related infrastructure to develop; Occasionally, a clean start is better

That being the case, I need to exercise a little self care and stop being critical with myself for switching emphasis between the two projects

In order to make it easier for people to be helpful, I'm breaking both projects into smaller chunks. This means that Sputnik Neptune is going to be the last release on a permissive license. Opphuichi will be AGPL

As a prelude to updating the repos, I'm going to attempt a thread here where I describe each component

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This is the official account for , an early stage fediverse project to resist late stage capitalism. It's pure ActivityPub, 100% Lua, and guaranteed vaporware if I spend as much time here as my main

It occurred to me yesterday while going through some old notes and zines that I have a decent set of instructions for running a BBS and a tilde server via Tor that I put together like four years ago for a project I never did.

I don't even remember if these instructions have been tested, but they seem pretty sound.

Going to try and set something up tonight. If I can get it working, I'll write up a "Why do this" section and a "what this does and does not protect you from" section, and print.

So I finally took some time to publish a quick article about ESNI and what it's for, since I've seen it being praised as what will save the internet from surveillance (spoiler: it won't),_what_it_can_and_cant_do.html

enormous 3000 character copy+paste about AI under capitalism 

enormous 3000 character copy+paste about AI under capitalism 

@yaaps “it’s not that bad” - everyone who has t implemented it before

Midwest Furfest; hate groups; cautionary advisory; linked sources contain slurs 

‪No matter where in the industry you work you will eventually have to roll your own oauth and you will think it looks pretty easy!‬

It's time we stop fussing about source code.

It's time to start fussing about the incredible range of humans that have always made it possible.

My creative partner and I are setting up our page. Whether the role in our project is copy or code, we're basing cost estimates and payouts from contributions for our labor at $15USD/hour

The project involves updating 3 games from the end of the golden era of play by email to play over ActivityPub. The first milestone involves creating a gateway for the games to replace the role of the mail server and bespoke web services of the original games and refactoring the games to generate JSON instead of HTML for the gateway. The goal is to eventually federate all aspects of game play, administration, and development on an ActivityPub network that gateways an acceptable amount of traffic to the Fediverse

Programmers: "ha ha it's so good you don't need to learn anything to be a coder now you just copy and paste stuff from Stack Overflow lol. School is for nerds."

Meanwhile CPU designers are frantically trying to increase core clock speed and compiler writers are trying to develop more and more complex optimizers to handle the endless tide of shitty polynomial algorithms written in JavaScript.

I want to see a world where we no longer center software developers in our endeavors. Where "source code" is no longer our main concern. GitHub created a world where we take source code for granted. Let's keep doing that!

Now stop taking for granted the labor that requires.

"The zero-carbon commonwealth of the future must empower people to decide not just how technologies are built and implemented, but whether they’re built and implemented. Progress is an abstraction that has done a lot of damage over the centuries. Luddism urges us to consider: progress towards what and progress for whom? Sometimes a technology shouldn’t exist. Sometimes the best thing to do with a machine is to break it."

I'm seeing a lot of calls for re-examination of FOSS values. In a sense I agree largely: I've myself been arguing for critical re-examination and re-articulation of FOSS principles. However, I see a lot of people calling for things that have been shown to be broken (the non-composability of CC *-NC and *-ND licenses are an example). That's making me fairly nervous that we're going to undo a lot of the structures that have allowed for collaboration and enter an era of confusion.

The next FLOSS philosophy 

The next FLOSS philosophy 

A friend suggested today that it's time for a manifesto and I agree. Another friend in another conversation mentioned that "free software" and "open source" are not relevant terms for what we need. I also agree.

It's time for something new. A new, community-centered ecosystem.

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