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turmoil surfing thru the wavefunc collapse and a faint "dead-ass!!!" echoes off the alley walls towards the horizon

Min/maxing the salad bar. Whole box of kalamata olives for lunch.

.@migratory, sitting on a park bench at 10pm with a Smirnoff and some M&M’s: god I’m so over it

food, computer, probability 

The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance /// the catcher in the rye

How can you have "free software" when your eyes aren't free

hmm... ! oh, hey! i think i know what that means. that's one of those sentence enhancers.

every song's a love song you just didn't notice

The gender of the day is a susurration of silvery blue jays.

Creamed corn
Corned beef
Creamed beef

...corned cream...?

Even though Berlant is talking about the novel The Intuitionist, this sentence felt very familiar:

“Anonymity can provide a kind of proprioceptive freedom amid the performance demands of structural privilege” (Berlant 72)

almost everyone I talk to is lonely and the ones who aren't have very little in common other than that

what do we do

the idea that someone could live in this world and say to themselves "capitalism is good at circumventing the knowledge problem and providing things people need who them when they need them" is an absolutely mindboggling testament to our capacity for ideologically selective understanding

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