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imagine writing a piece of software so bad every time it runs from zero config it loads up a big thing about a corporate privacy policy

just, like. reminder that even the "good browser" does not look or smell like real community FOSS

you & yr girl are out for dinner. guy comes up to you and tells you you're the quiznos haterade. what do you do

imagine if I actually had 31 more toots about this

every coffee shop on the entire fucking internet has the same website and it's an Abomination (1/32)

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'disoriented but not nauseated' is my rapper name

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"inverted sugar" is definitely some kind of cyberpunk drug

masto-fe 2 slow 2 comprehend stop u were right stop cc @flussence stop

tooting from a wide clam what's up masbros

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truth to power, food 

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Fun masto hack: #define and #include hashtags when you want to look at random C code

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I really do not like this and I refuse to state any personal info about me in my bio even if its "socially acceptable" here on fedi, fuck you!

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mic check one two

mic check

ahm. uh. hm

Button Quail

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Oh not much just ordering illegal pizzas off the dark Web

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so mumble 1.3, not satisfied with just opus and sub-frame latency, added *this* xiph witchcraft I didn't even know existed until now

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