Illinois has a bill to get rid of daylight savings. Exciting. More exciting - it started with a group of HS students in a town I've never heard of. It's awesome to see what they achieved.

Ugh I am an idiot. My host has a one-click install in cPanel. I didn't need to have all the headaches I've had for the past few days. 😑

Who is good with SSL certificates? I have a couple of questions because I am straight up lost.

It's very strange to have a dog that fits under furniture. I'm used to 65lb Boxer.

I finally figured out how to get an SSL certificate for Hopefully the Not Secureℒ️ bullshit will be gone soon.

Idk what entices people to watch reality dramas. I see the commercials and sit here like "stfu no one cares"

I saw the quote all over Etsy but wanted it to look mid-century instead of farmhouse and cutesy.

I couldn't find a sign/poster for my kitchen, so I made my own in Photoshop. Found a place online that'd print 28"x6" for $15. Michael's had a perfectly sized frame for $12. I think I did good.

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