I've been in my living room all day waiting for UPS to arrive since I knew I had to sign for my package. This dude dropped stuff off next door and got in the truck and started to leave. He only stopped cuz he saw me standing in my doorway and then brought my package. I checked the tracking and he marked it that I was not available!! I'm glad my neighbors had stuff otherwise he probably would've never came down my street, fucking jerk. 🀬

I've had this onset of a cold thing going on for over a week. Can we just get on with it already?

I love our Jigglypuff theme, but I am using the witches.town theme for a bit because the purple feels like Halloween!

I gave some of my furniture to a friend who recently bought his first place. It's going to look so awesome when he paints.

Ayer me olvide de decir Feliz DΓ­a de la Independencia a todos los Mexicanos en el fediverse πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

The Vitameatavegamin episode of I Love Lucy really is one of the best.

Worked a 10 hour day. It's been awhile since I had to πŸ™„

Last Wednesday I stopped at Iron Tree Brewery in Florissant, Colorado. Tasty beers, good snacks, dog friendly. #beer

Hey, so, anyone want to work with me? We're hiring a senior software engineer on my team!


I had a lot of mimosas, jameson, and a Modelo. My head hurts.

I was snippy with a HD employee because I was entering the UPC for something w/o a bar code and she took the scanner from me and scanned the item with a bar code 🀬 I felt really bad about it afterwards though. Well, when I got home the screen door slammed into my Achilles tendon.

And tooting this just made me think of the time my bar friend Victor told me that at one point, he thought "reggaeton" was the name of an artist. I crack up even now, like 5 or 6 years later.

I also heard a new(?) Tego CalderΓ³n song and it's stuck in my head.

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