I took the day off for the wedding yesterday, so today keeps feeling like Sunday for me. I love that I still have another day off tomorrow - I am curled up on my comfy couch with an amazing smelling candle going and actually feel relaxed for once.

We've had a high of 73*F and low of 60*F or less for a few days now, so I'm bringing out my fall/Halloween stuff ๐ŸŽƒ

TFW you open the federated timeline and there's uncensored porn in your face.

Heads up: Blu Ray Players are now hitting the thrift shops.

I'm at a wedding where the only people I know are the bride and groom. Awkward city.

FYI Thanks to @erbmaster and @RAPIDPUNCHES my instance now has two new corgis. One for the unset avi and one under the posting box. More corgis to come!

A few peeps may remember I shared progress wiring this blue beast which is now on the cover of the NZV8 magazine.

Kinda stoked I get to work on things like this, even if it is a headache and sometimes stressfull at the time. The end result is awesome.

#Ford #Falcon #RaceCar #Motorsport #V8 #IgnitionAutosport

Iโ€™d share the whole article, but seeing as itโ€™s current release I wonโ€™t. Copyright etc.
You can however see his DJR XE which I wired a few years ago here: themotorhood.com/themotorhood/

I have hickory colored vinyl plank flooring for the kitchen, but it's slightly different than the vinyl plank on the basement stairs/floor. I decided to do a different vinyl tile in the entry to break up the 2. Not bad for $23.

There's a new Woodstock documentary on Netflix from PBS. It's good.

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