'Twas skrillex, and the aoki diplos
Did flume and kygo in the dave:

I just introduced myself to the new guy in the office, and told him my last day is on Friday.

He then told me about the grape vine in his backyard, and how grape vines need to be pruned regularly to produce good grapes. Then he offered me a few of them. They were good.

still dont know what praxis means. didnt they make the sims

what happened to the first 63 super marios

you can tell mastodon is good because of the preponderance of white people making "fuck white people" posts

can someone explain to me:

the flat army hat/patrol cap/fidel castro hat


weebs/furries/whites who speak a tiny bit of japanese

seriously how are you gona be out here judging Paw Patrol before you've even SEEN AN EPISDOE

culture is so weird. listening to "Piano Variations on Bach Chorales" and thinking "this would sound right at home on the Hollow Knight OST".

god bless every person who plays pokemon games and calls them "pokemons"

Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.

partner, after beating BotW: "and i never learned how to Flurry Rush ๐Ÿ˜"

posting a podcast rerun and calling it a "rebroadcast" is horseshit

did you know that a young hedgehog is called a "hoglet"? i didn't know that before today, and my life is now forever changed

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