7 miles of road added nearly an hour and a half to our ETA. I'm at about a "they just cancelled one of my top 10 favorite TV shows" level of anger right now.

Road tripping through Louisiana and MY GOD, do people drive on I-10 every day, or is this an elaborate trap set designed to ruin holiday vacations for otherwise happy families (and bladders)?

Anyone else had to cut a parent out of their life as an adult?

Currently going through exactly that, and I'm really struggling. Any advice welcome.

Just Tooting when the baby has her morning bottle and watches a little Baby Bus.

It's hard to believe that at some point I will miss these days filled with toddler TV and Music, a demanding little emotion monster constantly changing her wants and needs, and the inherent inability to get anything done.

But I know I will, and sometimes it hurts.

Designing new shit for RedBubble. Mostly TV/movie quote stuff. Trying to get a head start on doing a full year challenge of some sort for 2019.

What's up - new to this whole Mastodon thing, but I love to joke about Music, Film, TV, Children/Parenting, The Things My Body Does...you probably get the idea.


I was born in the Highlands of Scotland 400 years ago and I am not alone. There are others like me, some good, some evil. For centuries I have battled the forces of darkness, with holy ground my only refuge. I cannot die, unless you take my head, and with it my power. In the end there can be only one. I am Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander 🎵 🎤 Here we are, born to be kings We're the princes of the universe Here we belong, fighting to survive In a w