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if you see something you love, please archive it before it's too late.

@monorail @debugninja the devil would never say the things "devil's advocate" ppl think she would, she is a cute good girl

I should move to a farm and become a roomba breeder

joke at terfs expense 

‪SRB2 kart is proof that sonic has the best fan base‬

What’s a good non bash shell? Someone recommended a newer one but I forgot the name of it.

My friends are playing taiko drum master on ps4. There’s a delay of half a second that they’ve all gotten used to but I haven’t because I actually play on beat. They’re all assuring me it’s okay to be new to rhythm games and I’ll get used to it. I’m biting my tongue and trying not to scream.

Look stay with me on this everyone....

What if thanksgiving ......but spiced like Indian food

Turkey Korma and garlic nann

Don’t @ me

The resurgent left in the US (such as it is) has a strong too little too late vibe. Happy Thanksgiving all!



Some people have put raspi zero w's in thin cases with pushbuttons wired in. That's a truly self-hosted way.

Its a bit more involved though, and probably not as nice-looking.

‪Is there a self hosted not ring video doorbell option?‬

When I die, no tombstones, just mod me into skyrim

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