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episode 106 of Steven Universe states that books are steven's "favourite thing". it is the only episode of the show where a book is pictured

Just realized that everyone on here is a nerd. Wow

hey @fedilab and @Tusky here's a million dollar idea. A tinder style interface for hashtag moderation. plz k thx #mastoadmin

So wasabi is def still having problems according to their twitter so I am not able to do much right now.

🍌 🐶 is feeling under the weather today, expect intermittent outages and image problems until I figure out what the 🍵 is

“hot take, #ACAB” i shout, hurling another molotov at the already burning police station ​:molotov:

(technically a hot give, but w/e)

Better view of the color. Warning: iPhone 11 clustered cameras visible.

Hello Fediworld 👋

most of the #switchingsocial website is restored - have a look:
(or for short)

I want to thank @gemlog for preparing the web-archive version and @LuKaRo for extracting the missing pages from the Google Cache. Would have taken so much longer without you two 🙂

us politics, harrowing, bad, facebook, social media, it's no longer just "the algorithm" 

Continuing work on my new Mastodon app for iOS, and now bringing it to macOS!

It's basically like Tweetdeck for Twitter, but for Mastodon. 😛

> AttributeError: 'SQLAlchemy' object has no attribute 'Columnt'

ah yes, Column and Column't

tankies are just republicans in training :dont_at_me: 

lewd parody lyrics 

when vultures pee on their legs to keep cool that's fine and scientific but when i do it i'm "fired" and "disappointing the shareholders"

Mambo Number 5... 

I did that color but a little toned down, very happy with the results!

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- Federates with TOR servers
- Stays up to date, often running newest mastodon code
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