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People often wonder how I can drink at least 96oz of water every day...

*this* is how. (see picture too)

municiple water that tastes like shit (pre filtered) because it has way too much calcium filtered and dumped into a quality bottle.

over time ive found the filter to be a huge help (every place I've lived full time never had tasty water, fucking calcium and lime) . the filtered water tastes like nothing and the nalgene bottles are super portable (big one for the bag, little one for clipping to my pocket, dropping in a cup holder)

a charcoal filter and reusable water bottle is cheap and effective for clean water. up front costs (Fiat money, carbon footprint) are high but vastly lower than disposable watter bottles over time.

I can also safely leave a nalgene bottle in my vehicle in the sun on a hot day without causing the plastic to break down and leech into my water...


i don’t know who this guy is but he looks like a aphex twin album cover

Remember that part in our history books when Kevin Bacon started the Cuban Missile Crisis? #XMenFirstClass

(R, G, B): (0.487, 0.761, 0.965)
Polish type: metallic
Percent full: 85.1

screencap of a tweet by Hillary Clinton 

screencap of a tweet by Hillary Clinton 

I guess thats why I put them in my own games, but still xux

Noticed this new feature from the ios 13 beta this morning. I am a fan.

@debugninja I know I mention it a lot, but Reply All did an episode (#145) that talked about youtube's algorithms driving people towards more extreme viewpoints

9 out of 11 Americans won't get this joke

9/11 jokes are plane crazy. they always crash and burn

@debugninja The pizza place is closed today, so I guess I'll have to figure something else out for dinner.

The needle's not moving on yaaps or Opphuichi because I'm working on the ugly thing where I hope to hide most of my mistakes

Wish me luck :newlol:

Mark from classic game room seems like a genuinely nice guy. One of the few old school YouTube gamers that didn’t turn out to be a creep. It’s too bad the YouTube algorithms basically murdered his channel.

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