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@OnticPatrol @debugninja @haze231
Wow, just because no one specifically states to the contrary doesn't actually mean that they approve of suffocating babies with a plastic bag. 😋

World politics meme I made, concerns war, world politics 

@debugninja half of that amount has been transferred to your bank account, another half shall be sent after it's done

@debugninja I can't find the source code ...
don't tell me it's *not even free software* or *not even federated* ??

@debugninja @haze231 As long as your website warns me about suffocating babies with a plastic bag, I consent.

@yaaps my commons pub is alive again. Lotsa screwy config and cert problems eventually fixed. All is well. Hope you are too.

@debugninja you should really do it and make a really glossy info graphics for it. Even if it got shut off by kickstarter after a day it would be worth it.

@debugninja thats honestly a pretty good idea. I would back that as a kickstarter in a heartbeat.

@debugninja lol the ceo only has 285 followers on twitter.

somehow this shit must be a scam

@debugninja wow what a waste of money.

I mean it kinda really shows that kickstarter backers have more money than brains...

454 backers, 42775 bucks. That means they each paid 100 bucks for what is essentially a free program.

@debugninja no mention of opensource. eww. looks like just another scam like ello or mewe

@Gargron @angristan @debugninja lets give Amnesty International a call and see if they are on board with the fediverse!

opened mastodon in a meeting next to our college intern. the main jpeg on the screen just said “fursona” in huge letters. i quickly switched back to my email but it was too late. homeslice immediately opened discord have fun roasting me king

I’m going to write a bot that just crawls kick starter and leaves links to the mastodon github as the first comment on anyone trying to fund a social network.

So is there like a whole industry of people just cloning mastodon/pleroma/gnu/pixel fed social/

I mean if you give me 100k I’ll skin one of the above in like a month.

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