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@debugninja I hesitate to say because he's likely real problematic, but The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe, it's a non-fiction book about test pilots and astronauts

I can't tell if the accessible color bot is back to posting colors or if it's still perpetuating some complex ARG narrative

Edward Fleshhands, the movie that takes place in a universe where everyone has scissors for hands

@lain Tried enabling motion blur, even though most people hate that feature.

Pretty sure it was invented exactly for this purpose. Especially in VR
I'm having to manage Windows Servers and I don't know how anyone thought this a good idea for anyone tbh

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If I could make everything about me for a moment, Captain Marvel featured two references to a book I've read and Reader, you can't imagine how smug I felt about this in the cinema

Kind of pissed that the imminent Game of Thrones hot takes are going to blow my late-to-party Captain Marvel opinions out of the water

Another peak week on ! Thanks for our users who are bringing more and more visitors and users to CryptPad. And we also have at least 250 external instances with more users ! #cryptpad #zeroknowledge #encryptedcollaboration #privacy

Currently #ListeningTo MØ - Linking With You. This whole EP and this artist's discography is fucking stellar.

Thanks so much @setsuna for the amazing recommendation. Bumping this one full volume!

❤️ :flan_headphones:

Digital versions of some of her albums can be found at 7digital for purchase (to avoid itunes, spotify, etc)

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Just now realizing how weird it was being an extrovert but never really socializing for 2 decades icause I didn’t ever feel like I fit in anywhere.

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