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We are qυ! We are a generalistic and moderated Mastodon instance for people of all colours and sizes.

I've never seen the appeal of formal hackathons, but the corporate-sponsored ones especially irk me. They always feel like a loophole for farming and stealing IP from young creative minds.

"But what if they're an asshole--"
"But what if they're a model--"

If you have something negative to say about someone else's body: don't

hot take: vim shouldn't trap ctrl-c

Every night it’s the same thing. I want to goto sleep but can’t. Finally get to sleep but wake up super early and can’t get back to sleep. It’s fucking torture

Well. I broke my own rule for my instance by talking about politics. But I felt it was important to document.

I don't know why this just occurred to me: Iago in "Aladdin" is clearly a summoned familiar. Beyond the talking, he's a scarlet macaw, which are indigenous to Central and South America; the people of Agrabah wouldn't have had contact with that landmass yet. Jafar must have obtained him by supernatural means.

DREW CAREY: 1000 points to Marilyn Manson for biting the head off of an imaginary nun

MARILYN MANSON: Please, take away 334 of them...

Is it worth discussing how Star Trek take place in the same cinematic universe as My Little Pony? radio still looking for synthwave/punk/industrial/worldbeat music that is Creative Commons licensed...

inquire within.

Out of context D&D question to the DM:

"Are there Roombas in Hell, and can they tapdance??"

I finished the README and licensing boilerplate for and started on coding the parser tests. I think those may actually be interesting to some folks, so I'll post a link to a public repo when they go live

The readme will explain more, but the main use for this is a store and forward service for games formerly played by email, so the implementation is dirt simple

selfie, no eye contact 

"So what is your gender"

"First, I have to explain hypercube"

"You know what, let's stick to pronouns"

"First, I have to explain HyperCard"

Steve Miller: Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah. Some call me the gangster of love. Some people call me Maurice.

Steve Miller's wife (probably): literally no one calls you any of those things, steve!

@lynnesbian It's more secure this way. It's how the cold war spies did it with dead drops, so that's how you know it's secure.
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