Whatever happens in my professional life and health, I know I can still be on fedi, and have my friends here, so it's all okay

banana.dog has been updated. We are running bleeding edge mastodon again!


The bsd.network's CoC refers to posts that originate from here. We also apply the CoC to posts that we *receive*.

Creating new accounts on different instances to evade bans, *even if you think it is well intended*, is very much against our CoC. So is the use of anti-transgender slang and emojos.

@Gargron I'll give that a try. Weirdly I can use ANY png image but any gif image will cause this issue. Its kinda weird.

So pulling in latest master it looks like web pack has been updated and now some of my scss files no longer compile. Specifically I narrowed it down to this one line in my scss

background-image: url("../images/clippy_wave.gif"), url("../images/clippy_frame.png");

Anyone know why this longer works? This is the error I am getting (its trying to generate .map files for my images??!?!?)


banana.dog will be going down for a few min while we upgrade to the latest version in master. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Me, endocrinologist and huge Mountain Goats fan, having just performed medical malpractice by jokingly telling a patient that everything seemed fine when in fact they are missing their pituitary:

@debugninja @angristan Nothing forbids you from having a monolith container. You can't use && but you can install systemd or equivalent process manager within the container. It's just against the Docker philosophy and unexpected by most Docker users.

@debugninja if they're on the same host, not really; they're both ram-hungry processes, and gosh do I have some feelings about running them in pids not forked off each other as late as possible

@angristan OK, I get that philosophically but 90% of instances wouldn't need a separate container for sidekick and it is logically part of the same app. Just brainstorming...

@larrydavis at least they are actually starting to do something. I mean I hate it but at least it isn't abandonware anymore.

Is there really a compelling reason to run a second docker container for sidekick rather than just making the entry point on web something like "rails s -p 3000 && bundle exec sidekiq"

📢 Ten Forward moderation announcement 📢

shigusegubu.club is now suspended from this instance due to being a source of homophobic and anti-Semitic content.

Thu Mar 21 20:32:13 UTC 2019


I can’t quite put my finger on why but timelines don’t seem to be updating on mobile web for me. I know things are happening because I am getting email alerts but my notifications view is woefully behind :/

A little bit more information about them - theintercept.com/2019/03/21/me

The team behind it is the team that was behind AOC's campaign ad, the owner of the original Nyan Cat YT video channel has handed it over to these people so they can game the algorithm to promote their promotional videos

A worker-owned, anti-capitalist streaming service has emerged - means.media/

Can’t stop won’t stop (boosting my own posts)

How old am I you ask? I bought fansubs of a show I really liked on VHS once (it was literally the only way to get the show circa 2000).

The fan sub group had bought surplus tapes from the Barney show so all the episodes came on purple vhs tapes.

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