Today is a good day.

Turnout for the climate protest is high. 100,000 in London alone.

Meanwhile, out of 3 million RSVPs for "storm area 51," 75 showed up.

Humanity may not be perfect, but it gets its shit together sometimes.

iPhone 11 is a beast on JavaScript performance outpacing the snapdragon based androids!

@debugninja I can't wait to get home. Should've brought my Switch to work to grab it at lunch.

@yaaps “it’s not that bad” - everyone who has t implemented it before

OAuth2 is actually unterrible. I was dreading it for a long time


‪No matter where in the industry you work you will eventually have to roll your own oauth and you will think it looks pretty easy!‬

meaningless thing i've wanted for years: adding stylesheets to a .txt file with a http link header

transphobia in media 

transphobia in media 

Holy shit ace ventura’s Trans character portrayal is disgusting and didn’t age well

@SunSaint yeah my family lives in an alternate dimension for sure

Ever realize that everyone else is living in a different dimension than you?

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