Also thank fucking christ, whomever added this is a saint!

:mario_msgblock: Updated! :mario_msgblock:

We are now running 3.1.0+corgi. This is basically everything in mastodon 3.0.1 plus everything sitting in master as of this morning. For a more complete list see here

Also it includes a new corgi on the error page

So I didn't like the work inappropriate slackbot responses so I just ran them all thru a ned flanders translator rather than complain. Let's see if anyone notices...

This is fucking overdue. Finally adding a build job to cleanup b.d nightly

I don't know what do yall thing? Should I approve this account? I mean he sounds, just delightful.

My NAS is determine to commit suicide I swear. Drive two went from 0 to 500 bad sectors overnight so I replaced it and then the system partition on drive 1 got corrupted. Maybe its haunted.

Replaced another drive because the number of bad sectors started increasing on one drive. It pays to be paranoid

Found this out where I park my car. I appreciate the sentiment but I’m feeling less than welcomed this morning

Getting packed for my stream tomorrow! Might try to setup tonight so I don’t have to try to hook everyone up in the morning.
:asmb3_coinblock: :atari: :mario_msgblock: :question_block:

I am still short of my funding goal so if you have a couple of clams, bucks, dollas please consider donating.

I don’t believe that anybody feeds the way the way you do, with that value

Sorry for the semi-spam posting but I am participating in a 24 hour gaming stream for charity on Nov 2. Please consider donating if you can.

:win3_terminal: :win3_solitare: :win3_minesweeper: :win3_multimedia: :win3_recorder:

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