I am literally in the process of trying to get my condo sold and find a new place and I bought this. What is wrong with me?

LOL so there are some cartoons depicting cute asses today is what I can take away from this?

I seem to be exhausting the # of outgoing connections and ES is just...like not working. No errors it just times out. Everything else looks fine the error rate is just out of control due to timeouts / other connection issues.

Sorry banana.dog is feeling a little under the weather today and I can't figure out why. Enjoy this corgi as an apology

FYI Thanks to @erbmaster and @RAPIDPUNCHES my instance now has two new corgis. One for the unset avi and one under the posting box. More corgis to come!

God I hate sassy brand twitter. Why do I subject myself to that hellsite?

When your ex is back on their same bullshit and replys to an old text. It’s been a year sega sandwich, give it up already

Honestly the sonic fandom is like a never ending well of joy that never stops giving

If you have not watched Jodorowsky's Dune (the documentary) you really should. It’s fucking fascinating!

The witches.town theme looks really good, I think this might be my new theme (at least when I'm using the simple UI).

Does anyone else see this bug on mobile when switching between portrait and landscape? I feel likes it’s only a recent issue for me.

Recent upstream changes around polls broke the display of long messages (the read more button was not being shown properly). I am rolling out a fix soon!

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