On a scale of 1/ yikes how bad is it that my server does not have fail2ban even though I run like 5 public facing services...

@debugninja if you don't have root or password login enabled and your user is sufficiently custom named it's not a massive deal.

@aetios yeah sure what kind of idiot would allow root password login remotely :blobnervous:

Anyway for no reason I will be busy for a few min umm configuring things.

@debugninja Assuming those services are set up reasonably maybe a 4. If you're not sure if they're reasonably set up then yikes, please fix that.

@neal fine yall have scared me enough to put fail2ban on my sshd at least

@fireglow @neal I enabled fail2ban for gitea logins and ssh attempts. This was surprisingly easy

@debugninja @fireglow Good job, now get yourself banned to make sure it works.

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