Taken with my phone since I don’t know how to screenshot in haiku. Web positive (the default browser) really doesn’t like the mastodon fe

@debugninja All you had to do was ask. 😁

Are you using a nightly? I highly recommend that over the beta. That being said, Web+ has always been sucky for complex sites. You can install QupZIlla or Otter Browser from HaikuDepot.

@claudiom I am using a nightly image from like a week ago. I can't seem to get HaikuDepot not to complain on launch (it says it was unable to update repos?) so I don't know what's up

@debugninja Huh. You getting an IP via DHCP? Also remember that you can update via SoftwareUpdater.

@debugninja I guess Haiku should update their WebKit port as mastofe is great on WebKitGTK.
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