Any artists on mastodon that have commissions open and can draw cute corgis? I want to commission replacement logos for the mastodon mascot that features a corgi instead of an elephant.

@debugninja I don't habitually draw corgis but I've been drawing a lot of cute fictional animals recently so a real one should be no problem ;)

@erbmaster @debugninja
You make my phone look silly and cute and that's amazing! Thank you!

@monorail @erbmaster @debugninja holly you can vouch for how much guild wars I play

I am not even remotely close to GWAMM

@erbmaster @debugninja Your elephants are so adorable I don't feel so bad when 4G doesn't work. Thank you

@erbmaster @debugninja @melodicake I’d strongly suggest to make stickers and T-shirts. Check RedBubble. I’ll certainly buy it!

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