Lazy web: I'm looking for two links:

The Vice article (Nazis on Fedi)

And the list of know nazi instances which was collected and distributed by @lyliawisteria

And another questioN:

Does anyone have any old screenshots of the spoofed User-Count data that people played around with back in the day?

@debugninja has a recent screenshot in his media showing "bigger" than Gab


@yaaps @maloki I have a flag I can turn on at will to spoof it. I did it as a lark to rank above gab but turned it off because I thought it would get me blocked from other instances.

You can see that for a 15min span I had over 2million users

I also had a whole thread trying to get them to ban from that details how I know they are faking their numbers. I didn't attach screenshots but you can look at their history in and see in the graph when they switched on some kind of fakery

@debugninja @yaaps perfect, thank you! :) Adding it to an article I'm about to publish, is that cool?

@maloki @yaaps By all means, I was thinking about reaching out to the vice (or was it Vox) reporter about their crap take anyway.

@yaaps @maloki Proof that my flag boosts me to the top of the list when its turned on. This took me less than 5min to code.

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