Keeping the dev log going. Got Haxchi cold booting on my wii u. Got the homebrew channel. Got the FTPU app to transfer files off. Making sure I can still play mario maker normally before I start messing with certs.

Have not done the certificate replacement yet. Just watching what comes thru the http proxy and I don’t see any of the calls to Amazon S3 that I expected from earlier research. Something is amiss here. Is the Wii ignoring my proxy settings for some things? Fuck it I’m going to go play splatoon!

I am successfully MITMing addresses from my Wii U!!!!!!

Here is a picture of my Wii U trying to talk to the mii verse (I think) :(

Reaching out again, anyone got Wii U Homebrew / hacking experience that can answer some questions for me. I figured out that I really need to MITM some addresses which seem to serve the Mario maker levels but I need some help.

LOL now that I can decrypt some of the Wii U traffic my google searches have gotten a LOT more specific :p

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