So is there like a whole industry of people just cloning mastodon/pleroma/gnu/pixel fed social/

I mean if you give me 100k I’ll skin one of the above in like a month.

@angristan @debugninja It doesn't look like it's based on anything but it is reinventing the wheel. How'd they get Amnesty International onboard... Is that something I should have done? 😓

@Gargron @angristan it just seems so fucking wasteful. FUND one of the many open source social networks for gods sake

@Gargron @angristan @debugninja lets give Amnesty International a call and see if they are on board with the fediverse!

@Gargron @angristan @debugninja Hi eugen,
I don't see where Amnesty International is involved in this ... thing ...
can you point me somewhere I can find info about it? thanks!

@vincib @angristan @debugninja There's a grid of logos at the bottom of their page

@Gargron @angristan @debugninja
ok, saw that in the kickstarter page (around the middle of it vertically)
it seems that they tried to add as many logos as they can from misc ... things... to make it more visible ... Name dropping)
(I will contact friends at Amnesty though ;) to be sure )

@debugninja wow what a waste of money.

I mean it kinda really shows that kickstarter backers have more money than brains...

454 backers, 42775 bucks. That means they each paid 100 bucks for what is essentially a free program.

@debugninja no mention of opensource. eww. looks like just another scam like ello or mewe

@debugninja lol the ceo only has 285 followers on twitter.

somehow this shit must be a scam


default ghost theme they didn't even change the links to point to their own social media. these people are incompetent.

@liaizon @debugninja

You mean… because he only hired such a little amount of followers? scnr

@debugninja I can't find the source code ...
don't tell me it's *not even free software* or *not even federated* ??

@vincib @debugninja I searched through their site and coulnd't find any mention of source code or federation. I have a feeling this is all a scam like MeWe

@vaartis I’ll theme misskey for 49,000 (that’s 1000 cheaper)


@debugninja half of that amount has been transferred to your bank account, another half shall be sent after it's done

@debugninja @vaartis misskey already has a much better thought out theme and design then this shit.

@debugninja @vaartis maybe we should just flood kickstarter with campaigns that just have screenshots of all the already existing fedi properties and then just dump all the money into an open collective.

@grainloom @debugninja I mean, not literally, bit the feature set does seem familiar
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