@debugninja central server got pwned. they haven't broadcast post mortem at this point, only that rebuilds are going to take hours and they dont *think* user data was the target.

@chuck So I've picked a bad time to think about setting up my own chat server...or maybe the perfect time


You found the perfect time to set up your own homeserver, this kinda proves the importance of being able to run it yourself.
And I hope to dear god that they will fix the matrix-synapse homeserver soon


Selfhosted chat suggestion 

@k @debugninja This is not related to Matrix, there was a bug in Jenkins that allowed an attacker to gain access to the servers that run matrix.org and riot.im. So they shut down those servers and rebuilt them completely, and also fixed the Jenkins hole.

(And they already informed everyone in the beginning that everyone else's Matrix servers are safe, since there weren't any vulnerabilities in Matrix itself being exploited here)

@debugninja Matrix is doing well. Matrix.org however is down, but I had many good discussions on the network this evening... Federation is beautiful. 👌

@debugninja basically, the servers that run matrix.org and riot.im had a security hole (not related to Matrix or any Matrix software) that allowed an attacker to gain access to it.

All the rest of the Matrix network kept working completely fine (for example, no chat rooms became inaccessible) while m.o was down since the network is federated and doesn't rely on a single server to function, and because this was not a Matrix vulnerability.

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