So the fediverse is now one lawsuit away from not existing thanks to article 13. I run three websites that will be affected so I am unsure what to do.

@debugninja I've just now gotten word of what happened. I am in shock that #Article11 and #Article13 passed. I also have a website that's plugged into the Fediverse that's gonna be affected. Fucking shit.

@debugninja can someone explain what these laws could mean for free software projects?
I don't really understand why it would affect platforms where people willingly upload content without adding copyright to their work.

@vancha Not a lawyer but it seems like would force me as an operator of three websites that allow user uploads to screen every possible post to ensure it is properly liscensed. Basically every site would have to implement a YouTube like copyright filter system.

@debugninja What.. That doesn't sound realistic at all... :s

@debugninja It's not national law yet, and may be difficult to implement in the member states as it's de facto not achivable. We will see. Alternatively we all will host in clean countries. May be a good market for middle-Africa, solar powered free data houses.

@debugninja legally or properly?
If people were anarcho enough they'd host on the Darknet. Clearnet is depressing as fuck. Legally everyone's screwed.
Politically nobody censored the MPs and their lobbies, so they never got a taste of the bitter medicine they needed. Now I'll sue them for their violations.
Laws are always double edged.

@debugninja Thank god me selling bush weed on #lokinet doesn't get affected by these commie fucks

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