Humm my IP address isn't *currently* on any dns blacklists. Can anyone recommend a docker based email solution with the following characteristics
- Webmail
- Multiple users / email addresses
- Multiple domain names
- Can be administered by an idiot like me


I don't know of any specific solutions, but a few tips:

rule 1 of running your own email server: don't

rule 2: most of the stuff you need to set up is in DNS, external to the actual server. make sure you read up on that first.

rule 3: make sure it's set to reject messages to mailboxes it doesn't own rather than forwarding them. otherwise, you'll end up on every blacklist there is instantly.

@ben @debugninja
One does not simply "toss on a docker container email server"
Although I did run an email server for a couple years. Learned a lot about spam blocking using the rbl lists. As in rule 3 an open smtp server is a bad idea always use authentication.
And I ran it for one user, me. I experimented with several different setups but I liked Zimbra best. Finding any kind of vm image for it is seeming futile though.

@AskChip @ben bleh how is this not a solved problem in some kind of docker container.

@debugninja @AskChip it's pretty trivial to make a Dockerfile for pretty much any kind of software.

If it's installable via a package manager, the Dockerfile can basically just be "install it via the package manager" followed by "run the software".

@debugninja @ben That is what I thought when I started looking. But I couldn't find a pre-made appliance for Zimbra wherever I looked. All links claiming top be so seem broken.Zimbra's been around long enough there should be every possible VM available for it.

@AskChip @debugninja I looked at their website and there doesn't seem to be any way to download the open source version without signing up for their mailing list.

@ben @debugninja Yep, I noticed that. They started that quite awhile ago. They don't sell email lists and they do obey removal requests so it's not too bad. Still a pain but Zimbra is a full collection groupware and email system for collaboration. It doesn't get much simpler unless you pay someone to run your email system for you.

@AskChip @debugninja

Yeah, but that's the reason there isn't a Docker image for it. Their system probably doesn't allow automated downloads, and including the full tarball of the software in a git repository seems iffy under copyright.

(It's still open source as long as the source code has a similar barrier to entry as the software itself.)

@ben @debugninja The open source package could be downloaded and made available elsewhere and I find it unusual that it has not been done by now. It's open source.
Although I did find a website that reviewed 10 different OSS systems, Zimbra included. Others in that list may be lighter on the system and/or easier.
I found Zimbra than setting up similar features by collecting the packages to build a usable system.

@AskChip @debugninja

If you download it, building a local Dockerfile is pretty much the same process as setting it up manually with their instructions. The main difference is that you type the commands into a text editor rather than a terminal.

Open source software is not necessarily free or libre - the license might disallow uploading it wholesale somewhere else. It just means that obtaining the source code has the same cost as obtaining the rest of the program.

For example, commercial software that's distributed on physical media can be open source and still charge money for the source code if the money is for the media and shipping, and they can require that you already have a license for the compiled version without making it non-open-source.

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