@debugninja how - the - fuck - is - the - emoji - folder - almost - a - gig!?

@liaizon You got me. I only have like 20 custom emoji so it must all be from people I federated with

@o @debugninja
Quite less, I was before supposing that my instance have far less users than banana.dog, but after verification, it's quite even, so I don't know why I have quite less data !

I can't add attachments yet (a bug I have to defeat !), but here are the data :

3.5G ./accounts
251M ./custom_emojis
14G ./media_attachments
2.7G ./preview_cards
20G total

@seb_vallee @o ok that’s intriguing...why do I have so much!?

@debugninja @o So much ? I have less than your instance, if I see correctly ! Why are tou thinking it is "so much" ? Maybe I missed something !

@seb_vallee @debugninja he was asking to himself: "why do I have so much!?" :)

@debugninja that's more or less what I noticed on my own instance too, around 1gb per day of media ;)

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