I'm back on the original federated network and it feels so warmly nostalgic


Good, good times.

I really miss the (for the most part) civilized and laid-back attitude of Fido. Back then communication was so asynchronous, even in the middle of a flame-war you took your time to think about and formulate a reasonable response 😆

In all seriousness: I owe Fido so much, I learned pretty much everything I know about technology on those boards/areas.

@fribbledom I'm kinda amazed they are still going, although usage is down to almost nothing. Its just kinda amazing to see it still going.

@debugninja @fribbledom holy shit, I didn't realize Fidonet was still around! That goes back to the days when BBS sysops would pass around all the FIDO messages at like 1am/2am ... along with BRE games and such.

Man I should really setup an ssh/telnet based BBS.

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