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I'm not saying I want to join another cult, but sometimes you get the urge to wear a robe and hang out with like-minded people.

hot take 

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It's okay to have an ugly bullet journal.

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I’m running this instance on the block chain.

I block the nazis and chain the bans to a list of known abusers.

dumb work stuff 


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Das Ding ist ja: Wenn die Nazis gewinnen, dürfen nur die Nazis leben, wie sie wollen. Wenn die Toleranten gewinnen, dürfen alle anderen leben, wie sie wollen.

Wieso also sollte man Nazis wählen, wenn man kein Nazi ist?

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•Jack followed the Mastodon Twitter account a month ago
•The Mastodon hashtags were suppressed after a while (big migration from India)
•Now he announces he wants to make a decentralized version of Twitter without referencing Mastodon

🤔 🤔 :thaenkin:

Personally, if I repost something on reddit, I'm mortified, add a link to the original if it isn't already in the comments and delete the post.

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I was flipping through radio stations today and my 6 y/o asked me to go back to the last one.

"This one?" I asked.
"Yeah, I like rock"

The song playing was More Human than Human by White Zombie.

"I saw this in concert." I told him. "There were jets of fire on stage and the speakers were decorated like giant demon heads."

He was not impressed.



Nobody: you want to hang out?
I can't
Nobody: why not? Doing something important?


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