I am working on a new algo driven recommendationbased timeline feature that picks out the best posters on each instance. So far it looks better than sorting by posted date. Will prob roll it out for testing tonight.

@DeeUnderscore No that would be unethical. Admins and moderators can reorder it though

@Gargron So you're saying admins and moderators can be bribed?

@DeeUnderscore No but they can list Patreon or PayPal in their profile if they want. I am not going to integrate a payment platform, that's a lot of work.

@Gargron I think any good modern social network needs bribe features built in though
@Gargron what are you going to do with all of these empty timelines?

@feld Two words. Sponsored Posts. We really need to get influencers on this platform.

@Gargron Counteroffer:

The ability to pay to change someone else's avatar, and they in return have to match that amount to regain control of their avatar. Money goes to the instance admin for the hosting fees.

@feld This sounds like a great idea. I will push it to the top of the list as the next most important feature.

@Gargron thanks, soon we'll have a new version of but it federates!
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