In an effort to stay ahead of I will be adding bejeweled to an upcoming mastodon release.

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programming shitpost 

I hate how Chris Hemsworth ruined Chris Pratt for me

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Are there any good blockchain libraries for ruby. I've got some killer ideas for v3 mastodon.

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@Gargron It's a cross between a Platypus and a Roma tomato

Is a Pleroma even an animal? I mean what kind of half assed AP server is this?

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@LuigiEsq communism is just like catholic communion but it lasts forever. This is my understanding and I'll be muting this thread.

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@Gargron Counteroffer:

The ability to pay to change someone else's avatar, and they in return have to match that amount to regain control of their avatar. Money goes to the instance admin for the hosting fees.
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@DeeUnderscore Server side web assembly implementation on activity pub seems like a fun idea.

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I am working on a new algo driven recommendationbased timeline feature that picks out the best posters on each instance. So far it looks better than sorting by posted date. Will prob roll it out for testing tonight.

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Apparently they're sending people to neutralise me. I'd like to see them try.

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There has been a minor mishap at the .Social Headquarters, and as a result several imperfect Test Eugens have escaped from the Research Department.

Rest assured that everything is under control. The .Social Foundation has dispatched its agents to neutralize the free Eugens, and expects to have the situation contained by this evening.

Thank you,

The .Social Foundation

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join my new instance the requirement is being an idiot

I am about to roll out a feature that allows admins to disable certain hashtags such as . Send me other suggestions on what tags should be banned by default.

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